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What are you going to cook this year, and how are you going to do it? We keep abreast of the latest in culinary trends.

“A return to home cooking, growing use of online and mobile food applications, a local focus, diverse flavours and a trend toward ‘green' cooking and eating' are among the top food trends for right now.”

- Margot Janse

South African favourites

As the world's eye turns to Africa, it's time to stock the pantry with all things indigenous.

Buttermilk rusks crumble with creamy baked goodness and stir nostalgia in most, especially when dipped into strong, sweet tea. Buy your box at Woolworths or send us your recipe!

Spicy chakalaka is a great tomatoey relish with chunky onions and a mix of fiery spices.

Sweet preserved green figs are a real gem in salads or served with strong cheeses. Try our fig and pomegranate preserve.

Lightly marbled, salty slabs of dried beef biltong are a guaranteed all-round hit.

Samp - dried, crushed corn kernels - is a popular staple and a given on any African plate. Soaked overnight and then cooked for about 3 hours with lots of meat and veg.

Loose rooibos tea leaves are hailed for their herbal aroma and calming effect.

Bunny chow is a uniquely South African Indian creation. A hollowed-out half loaf of white bread is used to contain any manner of curry.

Monkey nuts (peanuts still in the shell) offer mouthfuls of perfectly contained robust, earthy flavour.

The champion of condiments, sweet chilli jam or chutney is an undeniable favourite in all proudly South African homes. Served with curries and stews.

Deliciously comforting melkkos (made with milk, flour and butter) sprinkled with cinnamon is still the ultimate Sunday winter's evening comfort food. Milk tart is another, classic SA dessert made with milk.

We have more absolutely delicious home-grown puds. One such is Japie se Gunsteling (Japie's delight or favourite) and Cape Brandy/Tipsy tart.  

No South African barbeque is complete without boerewors (sausage made with beef and pork bought at any supermarket) done on the barbie. Serve with stewed tomato and onions (called smoor) on stywe pap - stiff maize meal porridge.

Snoek is SA's favourite fish - rich in flavour and heart-healthy oils, it's best served grilled with apricot jam and crusty bread.

Winter is waterblommetjie season - delicious lamb stew with Cape Pond Flower.

We also love our Cape Malay curries, and of course that uniquely local bobotie - mince with raisins and turmeric and an egg custard topping. Served with 'yellow rice' and chutney. Do try our snoek bobotie recipe

Finally, there's potjiekos - any kind of meat and vegetable stew done outside in a 3-legged black pot over the coals. Our beef knuckle stew on creamed parsnip will work nicely in a potjie.



What's your favourite South African dish? Post your comment here and if we don't have a recipe for it, we'll ask our food editors to create one.


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