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Test driving Tim Noakes’ low-carb diet
Test driving Tim Noakes’ low-carb diet

Our intrepid food editor Abigail is kicking off the new year by trying out the diet and recipes from The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes.

I have often referred to myself as the “butter and cream girl”. I find any excuse to add a knob of butter here and a splash of cream there when I’m cooking. Recently I was at the book launch of The Real Meal Revolution and I sat next to the authors, Professor Tim Noakes and nutritionist Sally-Ann Creed, and ate delicious food prepared by Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier – fatty roast lamb and veggies dripping in butter, with tzatziki made with full-cream yoghurt. The book is a cookbook and explains the concept of eating a high-fat, low-carb diet. It advocates using all the good stuff such as butter, duck fat (I’m so glad you can buy tubs of it in Woolies now), olive oil, coconut oil and ghee.

After meeting them I was really inspired to try it to help control my blood sugar and slim down a bit. Over the last 8 days I have been so inspired and cooked something from the book each day, and I’ve had eggs and bacon nearly every day for breakfast!Traditional six-egg omelette with crisp bacon and panfried cherry tomatoes

For the first five days I felt a bit lethargic and nauseous now and again, but now I really do feel like I have more energy and have been sleeping soundly every night. My family has been eating three meals a day and sometimes snacking on nuts and biltong but, to be honest, I haven’t felt hungry once, only just before we are about to eat again.

The book has a really simple bread recipe that contains no carbs or flour. It’s made with ground flax seeds mixed with eggs, salt, baking powder and either olive oil or coconut oil. It’s going to be my lifesaver when I start back-to-school lunchboxes again tomorrow. We’ve also been eating lots of seed crackerbreads that also contain no carbs. I learnt about a fascinating husk called psyllium in the book, which is used in the pasta recipe in the book and for the crackerbreads. It absorbs a lot of liquid and binds things together. If you’re like me and think you can’t live without bread and pasta, make the bread and crackers as they really fill that gap.

Last night I made the hot cakes using coconut flour and studded them with blueberries, and today I’ll whip up a batch of chicken liver pâté. I just need to stock up on a bit more butter and cream! I will report back next week after weigh-in time (and will also check my blood sugar) and I’ll let you know Abigail Donnellyhow the pasta turns out – that's the one recipe I haven't tried yet. It’s going to be a revelation!

Abigail Donnelly



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